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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heroine Slave Market - Bitch Auction - Super Lily - TGGP27

Size : 671 MB
Time : 76 min
Format : avi

Nowadays, it is in fashion in the universe to have strong and girlie fighters as pets. Bycult, the cosmic slave trader, sets an eye on Super Heroine Super Lily on the Earth as his eye-catcher product. Bycult sends his woman trainer Leoza to the Earth to capture her. Yuriko Shirogane, the true identy of Super Lily in a human body, is assaulted by Leoza and gets in an uphill battle. Transformed into Super Lily, Yushiko overwhelms Leoza and learns about Bycult's scheme. To foil the scheme, she sets out to Bicult's hideout, then Bycult appears before Lily! Lily challenges Bycult, but she is beat by him and gets captured.Leoza, once lost to Lily and ardent with revenge, trains Lily persistently. To finish off her training, Bycult screws Lily violently and turns her into a lascivious whore who now wiggles her hips alluringly... And, Lily is put on the slave market together with other Super Heroines, where she fiddles the bean, under Bycult's order, without heeding spectators, exposing herself like a lewd female dog---. {Bad ending]