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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Please read the FAQ before emailing us.
Its on our website -

A gentle reminder for smoother n easier ordering and collection.
No doubt 4 weeks is the normal estimated waiting time, pls allow some time frame allowance, to order way in advance esp for BIG events...the batch can get really BIG and its best not to come last min, stressing the tailor and urself.

When coming for measurements, do come in easy to measure clothings and for ladies, pls wear the same bra that u will be wearing for the event.

When u got our receipt, pls save our number so u will know we called when ur items have enquiry or arrived.

Should u lost ur receipt, pls do not panic. Let us know and we will assist you, you will still get ur items.

Upon arrival of items, pls collect within 3 days, after which tailor will not be responsible to any faults. But i am nice, so i will help in any way i can ^_^
READ MORE - Important!