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Friday, June 10, 2011

UTAUloid: Kasane Teto

unknown cosplay 93 - japan winter comiket 2010 / utauloid cosplay - kasane tetoI have this nagging feeling that she may be another fanmade Vocaloid character like Yowane Haku, but I've gone through a couple of Vocaloid fansites with no luck in finding out who she could be! I wish we could at least see what the number on her right arm is, then I’d have a better clue!

If I had to guess though, I’d think she’s probably another version of Miku or Meiko.

For now, I’ll be featuring her in the Unknown Section until I get a better idea. Thanks to Ian for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to Heimi for letting me know she is Kasane Teto from UTAUloid!