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Monday, June 27, 2011

Nascar vs SuperGT 300 Racing

What crazy person would try to compare 2 different types of racing. Even ones that are oceans a part - well me of course.

There has been much to do with the recent SuperGT 300 racing this year in Japan. It seems that the Otaku fans have more to do than just watch anime and read manga. They now have the SuperGT 300 racing circuit that may catch an eye or two.

Now Nascar tried this not too long ago or was that Cartoon Network primarily. There were some movies and game themed cars.

It was more of a ply to get the kids interested and spend money on the 24 scale cars . Not that they were that cool. Hell, even when I tried to find them on the web, it kept getting hits for the toys than the real cars. Maybe if they got the other 100 minor sponsor stickers off them, they would be much more cooler.

Not lets jump to the head of the class and check out this years SuperGT 300 cars. I think they did a stunning job on these designs, but my favorite so far is Miku. Ikamusume though came in at a very close second as well.

I have some great photos below showcasing the cars and the ever popular Racing Queens. Now this will get me to definitely come the race track - but I think I will need some spare memory sticks and batteries O-O

Good Smile Companies Miku Hatsune is a BMW Z4

Pacific NAC Ikamusume is a Ferrari F430

Apple Evangelion RT TEST TYPE-01 is a Mooncraft Shiden MC/RT-16

Direction's Evangelion RT Production MODEL-02 is a PORSCHE 911GT3

Hankook Racing Haruhi is a Porsche 911

Sorry, now Race Queens - whats up with that !

As you can see, there is much to do with the SuperGT 300 racing. From the news reports, the last race was won by Good Smile Company.