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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hatsune Miku Wig ^^

After long search I finally found a right colour for Miku's wig. It arrives a while back, and I already used it for few expos. Mainly this wig is meant for Sandplay of the Singing Dragon as it's curly.

I apologize for this poor lightning, my bedrooms is quite dark,
Now for some pictures ^^ 

Miku :D oh, she's so cute 
The base wig :D I had to style it a bit.
As you can see it's not perfect as I need my sister to wear it so i can cut the fringe properly. 
Right now the sides are fixed with hair-spray, otherwise the curl towards my chin. 

Bad lightning again >.< 
The top, you can see the clip in ponytails :D 

I tried to clip the ponytailes at the same level and the same distance away from my ear and forehead. 
As you can see the curls start around just below my shoulders. 

Here you have a better view of the curls. Each ponytail is one big curl, and can be easily split into more.  

 This wig is actually longer then Miku's hair in Sandplay, as it reaches my waist, and I'm a 160cm tall :D 

Here is what the colour is actually like. I used flash that's why it's so shiny >.< 

Me with my Ichigo plushie and Ichigo poster (bleach lover) :L 

Overall I think this wig is very good quality and I was very surprised with it; I was expecting something  worse than that. I paid around £25 together with P&P. 
Absolutely love it <3 

Love Ola ^^