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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I didn't realize it at first, but I was pretty badly affected by a review I read a little while ago. Since then I haven't really been productive in making the game, and I apologize to those who are actually waiting for it.

I'm cutting a few different things now. Maybe some day I'll come back and fix everything up properly but right now I just want to get this done and have it over with. 2 and a half years of effort and I just can't bring myself to work properly on it anymore. It was my baby, something I had slaved over, and it was torn to shreds. It hurt, for a while, but there are words that I'll always come back to, a warning against my usual behavior, and you know, I should really listen once in a while.

Don't get your hopes up; you feel less pain.

Game should be released once me and my testers go through it, maybe in a week or so.
The secret ending made it in, and you can still get the Ultima Weapons, fight Bahamut, but not the actual Ultima Weapon, I didn't finish the sprite. A number of limit breaks are rough and unpolished, but eh. Some are done, at least. A couple of maps got redone too. I've also added more items, Silence materia in the allies, etc. Hopefully my players won't find many bugs this time. >3>